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Posted by: triple_V 87 Jan 6 2005, 02:26 PM
What the fuck is wrong with LP... ohmy.gif
dude, they can rock!!! I know... use to like their music...
but why a feat with a HipHop-"rapper".
dude metal is metal and HipHop is HipHop...
can it possibly be mixed up?!
keep Metal alive!!!
who agrees?!
I'm not saying that LP is shit, but a feat with HipHop sucks!!!
Don't know what everybody else thinks of this but....
look at metallica, they heve never done such a thing... hell no
who agrees?!
keep metal alive!!!
who agrees?! dry.gif
please respond, I really like to know what everybody else things of this matter?!!!

Posted by: MetalfanBlackness Jan 6 2005, 02:39 PM
It's not like everything Metallica has done was great
and I think if you want to do something experimental with your
music you should try it out.
If you don't like the outcome, just don't listen to it.
and btw imho LP already had a lott of hiphop in their music

Posted by: triple_V 87 Jan 6 2005, 02:46 PM
that might be true, but take a look at fred durst...
significant number and chocolate starfish.... are good albums!!!
but his newes album, is most of the time hihop...
that really sucks...
metal and hiphop ar totally different genres with totally different kind of people..
true or not?! guitarist.gif

Posted by: MetalfanBlackness Jan 6 2005, 02:52 PM
yes and no
hiphop and metal are indeed totally different things,
but the people are pretty much the same
they make/listen to music because they like to make/listen to music.
most metal people feel hiphop sucks
and most hiphop people feel metal sucks,
that does not say we are different that says we are more like the same type of people.

Posted by: triple_V 87 Jan 6 2005, 02:58 PM
ok, they doth like music... and that's ok!!!
but they do follow an other way of live...
hiphop has got a great influence, allot of people think they become better than someone else... and in metal you learn to respect another...
the hole additude is different

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