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Posted by: xyq689089 May 28 2014, 07:19 AM
Cut can be very tricky for an amateur to assess, so it is imperative to get the certificate ANAG or GIA certificate authenticating the superiority of your diamond. Ideal Cut is classified, top quality, very high-quality, good quality, reasonable and poor. In general, you should find a good place to Diamond if you really know about men fashion wedding rings them. Budget-conscious consumers can opt for good.

Clarity: Diamonds often have small flaws or inclusions, scratches or further raw materials inside the diamond. Less the number of inclusions in a diamond, the more value and more beautiful it is.

Cost: Diamonds are definitely costlier compared high discount tungsten rings to gold and other precious metals. But need for the wedding ring is a once in a life event so its more than worth to spend that extra cost on a lovely wedding ring of diamond.

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