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Posted by: Saille Mar 4 2011, 11:41 AM

Symphonic black metallers "Saille" release their first album "Irreversible Decay" on Code666 records.
Bringing you 43 minutes of symphonic black metal the way it should be, for the fans of Emperor, Tartaros, Keep of Kalessin, ...
Decorated with the beautiful landscapes of Michal Karcz, mixed at Shumcot studio.

user posted image

"Irreversible Decay" tracklist :
1. Nomen (1:52)
2. Passages of the Nemesis (7:21)
3. Overdose of Gray (5:43)
4. Plaigh Allais (4:56) --> videoclip on youtube
5. The Orion Prophecy (4:15)
6. Revelations (2:57)
7. Maere (5:36) --> artworkvideo on youtube
8. Tephra (6:21)
9. Tremendous (4:25)

Press reviews : - 9/10 - (DE)
Rocktribune magazine - 86/100 - (BE) - 8.5/10 - (EN)
Scream magazine - 5/5 - (NO) - 4/5 - (US)
Metalhammer magazine - 8.5/10 - (UK)
Pavillion666 - 9/10 - (FR)
Legacy Magazine - 14/15 - (DE) - 10/10 - (HU)
Metalglory - 9/10 - (DE)

Interview on :
Loucifer speaks
Mortem zine

Cd available on :
Saille webstore - bank transfer
Aural webstore - Visa, PayPal,...

Booking Saille : - Booking / Tourservices -

Check Saille on :

Posted by: Saille Mar 31 2011, 02:28 PM
Live-video :
Dankzij een aantal metalheads die ons optreden in januari in Oostende hebben gefilmed, hebben we een live-video gemaakt met verschillende camera's van het nummer "Overdose of Gray".
Bedankt aan allen die filmden en aan Linus voor de opnames.

user posted image

Check it here :

Girlies :
We hebben Saille-girlies gemaakt die elke vrouw minstens 10% seksier maken !
Beschikbaar in S, M, L and XL voor slechts 12 euro via onze webshop :

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Wedstrijd op Studio Brussel :
Op zondag 3 April zal het Studio Brussel programma "De Zwaarste Show" een wedstrijd houden waarin je onze eerste cd "Irreversible Decay" kan winnen !
Tune-in om 23.00 !
Meer informatie op :

Verse reviews :<br/>
- Metal Mirror (DE) - 9/10
- Neckbreaker (DE) - 9/10
- Magic Fire Music (FR) - 17/20
- Ashladan (BE) - 9/10

er is ook een interview met Reinier & Dries op

Volgende optredens :
- Fri 22/04/2011 - Panddemonium - Antwerpen
- Sat 23/04/2011 - Nepherex Fest V - Dendermonde
- Sat 21/05/2011 - Thurisaz release show - Kuurne
- Sat 28/05/2011 - SvartFest II - Oostende
- Sat 23/07/2011 - Vlamrock - As

Meer info op :

Posted by: Saille Jun 28 2011, 10:27 AM
We hebben een nieuwe website, speciaal voor je groot scherm ! Meer info en toekomstige concerten / info over onze nieuwe cd :

Er is ook een nieuw shirt in pest-stijl met artwork van Bart Couvreur. Vooraan een tekening geïnspireerd door ons nummer 'Plaigh Allais', achteraan de historische Europese tour van de pest.
user posted image
Pre-order here (available on Vlamrock 2011)

Check ook onze webshop nu met Paypal support.

Binnenkort : optreden / labelnieuws

Posted by: Saille Dec 30 2011, 09:53 AM
Unfortunately, vocalist Jonathan Vanderwal has decided to step back as frontman of Saille. He will continue to collaborate on future recordings and keep an eye on the songwriting process.
Saille welcomes Dennie Grondelaers as the man for the job, known for his vocal work with Natan and bass playing with Gorath.
user posted image
Things go on as programmed, no gigs will be cancelled. We’re working hard on sick stuff for the successor of Irreversible Decay..

We're also working on some new shirts,the design is from the famous Grindesign, they can be pre-ordered in our webshop
Left : front, right : back
user posted image

A year ago, we recorderd the movieclip of "Plaigh Allais" (with our former vocalist Jonathan), check it out here

Saille website

Posted by: Saille Jul 15 2012, 06:08 PM
Exciting things have been happening with Saille

We've played several nice gigs with Ancient Rites, Thurisaz, Panchrysia, Gorath... and many others, but our most recent show tops them all.
On June 22nd we played at Belgium's biggest metal fest : Graspop Metal Meeting, check out some on-stage footage and our first song in the video below.


Because our previous shirt is nearly sold out, we've hired the amazing Grindesign to create an artwork that predicts your future.

user posted image
Available in our webshop now !

New album
In the meantime we've been writing new songs which we're recording right now at the Shumcot Studio.

Check out this preview of one of the nine songs that will be on our next album in the video below. Gert is blasting a song called "Haunter of the Dark". The new album will be released in January 2013 via Code666 records.


Saille online
- website
- facebook

Upcoming gigs
25/08/12 Eierfest @ Maldegem (BE)
10/11/12 Metal In Flanders @ Oudenaarde (BE)
24/11/12 Folk fest @ Huy (BE)
06/04/13 Huginn’s Awakening Fest @ Oostende (BE)

Posted by: Saille Sep 3 2012, 03:07 PM
Saille news September 2012

user posted image

New album update
We just finished recording our new album at the Shumcot Studio with our producer and guitarist Reinier Schenk. We are extremely happy with the result, and can't wait to unleash our new opus. It will be released in January 2013, through Code666 Records. The artwork will be created by Polish digital landscape artist Michal Karcz who also developed the bands former artwork. The mastering will be done by Tom Kvålsvoll, who previously worked with 1349, Dimmu Borgir and Keep Of Kalessin.

Check out our new studio videos to get a taste of what's coming:
Saille - Bass, keys & Guest musicians recordings
Saille - Subcutaneous Terror - Guitar recordings by Jonathan Vanderwal & Reinier Schenk
Saille - Haunter of the Dark - Drum recordings by Gert Monden

Line up change
Jonathan Vanderwal, former frontman of Saille, has rejoined the band, be it as guitarist this time. He replaces Yves Callaert, who left Saille recently.
Jonathan took care of the guitars on both ‘Irreversible Decay‘ and the soon to be released successor (January 2013), it was therefore an obvious choice. We are very happy to have him back with us on stage.

New t-shirt
Don't forget to order our new tshirt at our webstore before it's sold out! Click the picture to go to the webstore.
user posted image

If you like what you hear, like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter!

Upcoming shows
03/11/12 Sodom @ Tongeren (BE)
10/11/12 Metal In Flanders @ Oudenaarde (BE)
24/11/12 Folk fest @ Huy (BE)
22/12/12 Dark Intensions @ Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)
06/04/13 Huginn’s Awakening Fest @ Oostende (BE)

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